All licensing and permissions of copyrighted material are the sole responsibility of the purchaser (you) and not Chris Creswell or Chris Creswell Music and Design. Permission to arrange and print licenses must be obtained from the copyright holder and copied to Chris Creswell Music and Design before leasing arranged music. Licenses can easily be purchased from the publishers and assistance will be provided upon request. Original compositions do not require licensing. 

Vita Pulses (The Music of John Mackey) - Licensing is $1275.00 paid directly to Osti Music. We will coordinate securing the license directly with John Mackey. 

Frank Ticheli - Any shows using the music of Frank Ticheli require licensing through Manhattan Beach Music. Licenses can be purchased online and cost $300.00 for each composition included in the show. (Shows: Impressions of Light and Hope Springs Eternal.) 

David Holsinger - Any shows using the music of David Holsinger require licensing through TRN Music Publishers. Licenses can be purchased online and cost $310.00 for each composition included in the show. (Shows: Urban Journey and Over:THRONE.) 

Tresona Music Licensing Exchange - Most other shows consist of music owned and published by Hal Leonard. Licensing can be acquired through Tresona Music  which is the licensing organization for Hal Leonard. Prices vary. 

If you have any licensing needs that cannot be met through the above means please let us know and we will be happy to assist.